Behind the Pkihi

Kia ora e te whnau! Welcome to The Ppi Pozy, We are a whnau run pkihi mori based in the Waikato-Tainui Region. We whakapapa to Ngti Hau and Ngi Tahu.

The Ppi Pozy began as a bit of a hobby to keep me grounded when our ppi was only a month old, since then we have grown and expanded and it has become more than we could have ever imagined.

Our goal was to create something our daughter would be proud of and starting off we werent clear what that looked like but within about a month of having our page up and running we knew the calling for our pkihi was kaupapa mori. We knew the thing we wanted our daughter to be most proud of was her culture. So we created a brand that is designed to empower young mori and help immerse mori tamariki and their whnau in Te Ao Mori and Te Reo Mori.

We are so humbled and so grateful for all the aroha and tautoko we have received so far on this journey and have big plans for the months ahead to keep growing and getting our messages out there!

Ng mihi nui, The Ppi Pozy Whnau x

Mauri ora!